Sunday, February 1, 2009

Introducing my first 4 LFR Characters

Lannashika aka Lani, Denar, Idril Taralom, & Black Raspberry Chocolate Tracks (& Jasmine, but I haven't played her yet) are my first four characters in Living Forgotten Realms, in order.

Lannashika, called Lani so other people have something that they can actually pronounce, is a half-elf feypact warlock, aka feylock.

She's from Aglarond, from a primarily half-elf village near the Yuirwood. Both her parents are half-elves but she always felt a strong connection to her fey heritage. She has violet eyes and coppery hair, wrapped around her head in coiled braids, held by an ornate stick, aka her wand. In battle she pulls out her wand, allowing her waist-length braids to fall loose. She's only 17, so she's still a little young for adventuring. She's only 5'5" tall but is a solid 140#.

Her spells, while as lethal as any other warlock, have a somewhat whimsical appearance. Her eldritch blast appears variously as brightly colored butterflies with sharp fanged mouths, pretty pink blossoms with razor-edged petals, needle tipped willow leaves, brightly colored feathers with slashing vanes, and so forth.

She's a bit impish and always on the lookout for a good prank. She sort of worships Corellon, as much as any other god, but she herself is unaligned. She's sneaky, carrying a staff but wearing leather armor (wizards carry staves but don't wear armor, usually).

Denar is a somewhat atypical dragonborn. She's an unaligned cleric of Silvanus, while few dragonborn are clerics at all.

She's also from Aglarond, an orphan found by elf rangers when she was a toddler. She was covered with blood. Tracking her back, they found the slain bodies of her family. They called her Denar, for thepale gold color of her eyes. She was raised in a mixed elf/human village. She wears a bone and tooth necklace, the only clue to the identity of her family.

Her skin is greenish-yellow of new leaves. Her height, six feet and fives inches is average for dragonborn as is her weight of 220#. Her hide color to the contrary, she breathes lightning.

While she had a happy childhood, mostly, with her adoptive parents, part of her yearns to connect with her history. Part of her, the part raised by elf rangers, wants to protect nature and help. The dragonborn part of her nature tells her to prove herself in battle.

Idril Taralom is an eladrin wizard from Luruar. She was a scholar, happily studying magic amongst other of the so-called moon elves, when her community was hit by Netherese raiders. The death of her husband and two children hit her hard. She was so withdrawn afterwards, that her brother, in desparation, suggested that she turn to adventuring.

It would have the combined benefit of getting her involved and active, as well as getting her away from the site of so many memories. While she is attractive as any eladrin, she is somewhat cold and remote in her dealings with other people.

While her fair skin, silver hair, and pale blue eyes are not uncommon among eladrin; they combine to give her an icy appearance. Her spells only reinforce that, even her Cloud of Daggers spell appears as sharply pointed icicles and sharpened daggers of ice. She is tall, at 5'10" as many eladrin are; dressed in robes of dark brown and green, trimmed in white; like a snow-touched pine forest.

Black Raspberry Chocolate Tracks is possibly insane. If so, then so is her entire family. At some point in their history, some patriarch or matriarch in the family somehow convinced the rest of the halfling clan that they are drow. Now they all either believe, or pretend to believe, that they are very short drow.

With the release of the new character creation guide, we have formed an adventuring company; House Tracks. Now we have a game benefit for our roleplaying fun.

Black Raspberry Chocolate usually goes by Black or Raspberry, never Chocolate. She's on the tall side for a member of her family at 4'1" and heavy at 75#. Frankly, she's a bit of a thug, with a mace etched with the name "Kneebreaker." Her skin is smeared with black and a scarf covers her hair, except a white ponytail emerging from the back.

Her figure is well-outlined in tightly laced black leather armor. If anyone wonders why she's so short for a drow, she gestures with the cheroot in its ornate silver and black holder, commenting in a snarky voice, 'I smoke too much.' She moved to East Rift with one of her cousins early in her life. The entire Tracks family may be found in almost any country, as they have no set residence.

When she calls upon any god, she calls upon Kelemvor. She sometimes complains her white sheep of a younger brother, Ruddy Mint Chocolate. She did her best to steer him along family lines; beheading his favorite dolls for example. Instead he became a good cleric. She sometimes wonder what she did wrong.

Jasmine is my fifth character. I have not played her yet. So far she's only a human fighter. That's it. If I create and play another character before I play her, she might become my 6th character.

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